Balanced Equine Bodywork

Sarah Miles, EEBWII 


​​​​Why Bodywork and Massage for Horses?
Regular bodywork is an important component of a program that supports your horse's optimal musculoskeletal health and overall wellness. 

​Bodywork can help!
It helps to increase range of motion, to improve stamina and circulation, and to reduce resistance and tactile defense. It can help facilitate healing, enhance performance, and heighten impulsion. Regular sessions offer your horse preventive
care and comfort which go hand in hand with the care you give your horse every single day.

​hands-on care for

horses in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz,
& Monterey Counties 
since 2007

Sarah Miles, EEBW II — Certified Equine Bodyworker
My hands-on work with your horse will facilitate relaxation, stimulate circulation, and can help ease muscular pain ​and stiffness.
Regular equine bodywork and sports massage can improve your horse's balance, lightness, and overall well-being. These qualities
​are measurable through heightened straightness, rhythm, harmony, relaxation, and focus during work. 

Stay balanced! 

Equine Massage and Bodywork

Anatomia del Cavallo, 1599